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Professional Headshot Packages
in Miami Studio

Increase Profile Views: Studies show profiles with professional headshots get 21x more views and 9x more connection requests.

Corporate headshots not only help you make a great first and lasting impression, but they also build trust and reinforce professionalism.

From a marketing standpoint, you don't want your business to be inferior to competitors because they decided to opt in for the headshots. 

Group Package #1


-Up to 2.5 hours

-Up to 10 people

-Up to 5 photos delivered per person

Personal Package


-Up to 45 mins

-Up to 10 photos delivered

Group Package #2


-Up to 5 hours

-Up to 20 people

-Up to 5 photos delivered per person

Why Professional Headshots?

Professional headshots are a crucial investment for businesses aiming to boost credibility, maintain brand consistency, stand out in crowded markets like Miami's, and showcase their team's expertise. A high-quality corporate headshot session produces polished images that elevate a company's visual branding across all channels from the website and social media profiles to business directories, email signatures, and marketing materials.

Well-executed headshots convey professionalism, confidence, and a cohesive brand identity that helps build trust with potential clients and partners. With a consistent, professional headshot, brands can reinforce recognition and position staff as knowledgeable experts. In today's digital era where first impressions are often made online, investing in headshot photography best practices like hiring a professional headshot photographer is a must for companies looking to make a powerful, memorable impression.

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